We follow our proprietary
process for every project and client.
It ensures accountability,
repeatability, and success.


Our brand-building formula

Partners branding, marketing, and design solutions emerge only after comprehensive research, analysis, and strategic thinking dedicated to each client’s specific situation. Our commitment to delivering solutions that satisfy our clients’ business needs has evolved into a basic process that guides every Partners Group program. We customize our basic process to specific project and client needs to ensure that no two Partners Group Programs are exactly alike.


Phase 1
Partners Brand Strategy

The initial phase involves analyzing our client‘s situation, industry, competition, and market. We perform a visual brand audit; interview management, employees, and customers; and research the strengths and weaknesses of the client and the competition. Using the gathered information, we develop the Partners Brand Strategy. This is a branding and marketing plan that identifies target markets and strategies for positioning, pricing, customer service, and market research specific to the client. It provides the steps to achieve branding success within a predefined budget.

Phase 2
Partners Brand Promise

Based on the Partners Brand Strategy we develop a brand promise. This is a positioning statement unique to your advertising services operation. The brand promise is a compelling insight that drives and unifies all the aspects of your brand and that becomes the basis for developing your entire branding program. Everything created from this point forward must be tested against and live up to that brand promise.

Phase 3
Partners Brand Keys

Moving forward, we identify all the points of brand expression, including products, services, environments, and names. We then highlight for each what we call the brand keys. These are the applications or media that have the most power to influence brand perceptions. Brand keys could include a new corporate logo, a corporate brochure, a Website, and new office signage. This is a concept phase that combines inspiration with the knowledge gained in devising the client‘s Brand Strategy. In developing concepts, our design team explores a range of creative ideas that effectively communicate the brand promise and that work well with all the brand keys.

Phase 4
Partners Brand Extension

From a focus on the brand keys, we extend our exploration of a new branding program to all the brand‘s points of experience and activity. Applications include stationery, advertising, corporate and products and services literature, environments, building signage, Web sites, forms, posters, and more. Literally anything that can carry a brand message must be treated with care and thought. Even the smallest item may have a huge impact on your overall branding program.

Phase 5
Partners Brand Maintenance

Many branding programs fail not because they are misdirected or poorly conceived, but because a good, strong new brand positioning has not been effectively applied. Brand maintenance sees your new branding programs become a reality as we help you implement it across your products and services, environments, and organization. This process can include implementation and launch planning, final art development and design specifications, prototype development, on-press supervision, and environmental installation support. We also provide comprehensive brand guidelines and ongoing support to help clients maintain their brand‘s integrity after its implementation.

Phase 6
Building Partnerships

Rather than getting involved in numerous one-off projects, we establish long-term partnerships with our clients that see us offer an all-encompassing approach to each client‘s specific branding and marketing needs. It is through these strategic partnerships that we become an extension of our clients‘ enterprises and not simply a vendor. We work within a predefined yearly budget on a retainer basis and are fully accountable for our performance.